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The MSI prides itself on having one of the leading pig breeding programs in Rwanda. We have over 1000 pigs in four piggery houses. Our pigs are Landrace-Pietrain mix and are strong, large and productive. Our sows regularly give birth to between 7 to 14 piglets per delivery. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals who care for our pigs and we follow best practices in feeding, breeding, hygiene and medical care. We are at the forefront of research on nutrition and artificial insemination.


We welcome visitors to the Piggery, but we do require that they make a booking prior to their arrival. Our experienced team is able to give visitors guided tours of the piggery and information on entering the piggery business. We provide training courses for aspiring piggery workers. Trainees can come and live at the piggery for a period of weeks or months and attain a high level of training and hands-on experience in all areas of running a professional piggery.

Book A Piggery Tour


Cost is 25,000 RWF per person – Includes piggery expert guide



Book A Piggery Training Course


Piggery Training Courses can be for several days, weeks or months, depending on the needs of the trainee. Accommodation and meals provided.


Cost is 185,000 RWF per month for one person – includes, accommodation, meals and training. A contract will be signed between MSI and trainee.

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