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MSI has a professional poultry center, housing over 1000 chickens for egg laying and with plans to increase our numbers. We provide a consistent supply of eggs to the surrounding communities.


We have trained professionals caring for our chickens and we follow best practices in nutrition, hygiene and medical care. Our chickens are Isa browns and are good layers.


Book A Poultry Tour


This Poultry tour focuses on the poultry center but guests are welcome to view all areas of the farm (except inside the piggery).


Cost is 15,000 RWF per person – Includes poultry expert guide.


Book A Poultry Training Course

Poultry Training Courses can be for several days, weeks or months, depending on the needs of the trainee.Accommodation and meals provided.


Cost is 120,000 RWF per month for one person – includes, accommodation, meals and training. A contract will be signed between MSI and the trainee. 

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